Here’s what we know about Prince’s hospitalization this morning. According to Last night, April 14, 2016, Prince, 57, performed 2 shows at 7pm and 10pm at The Fox Theatre in downtown Atlanta, Ga. The shows were originally scheduled for April 7, but were postponed because Prince had the flu. There was no sign of Prince being illness during his performances. It was noted that Prince, gave two incredible performances with each showing having 3 encores! The show ended between 11:30 and midnight. After the show, Prince got on a plane and felt considerably worse, so his plane made an emergency landing. He was taken to the hospital and treated. He was released 3 hours later, got back on the plane and is now back home.

Earlier today TMZ, sent fans into a panic when they reported Prince was rushed to the hospital after his private jet made an emergency landing in Illinois. The only information when the story broke was that he had been transported by ambulance to a hospital. There were conflicting reports on the singer’s condition.

The entertainment news site Lead Stories discovered that Prince’s plane did land at 1:08 a.m. The plan departed around 11 a.m. today. It landed 45 minutes later in Minneapolis where Prince lives.

Prince’s social media accounts have not made a specific mention of the incident. @Prince on Twitter continues to send out tweets but nothing personal. It does appear that Prince sent a tweet just before he boarded his plane to return home today. This leads us to believe that he was indeed released from the hospital and is recovering. We’re not sure what the tweet actually means. One can only speculate that after you’ve been sick once you get fluids you feel transformed.

@Prince’s Instagram account has no current posts; the last post was from yesterday.


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We couldn’t find a Snapchat account for Prince and there were no YouTube video of last night’s performance. As you know Prince’s shows are strictly no photography or video allowed. A lot of performers request that but Prince is adamant that use of mobile phones is not permitted during his shows. The two shows in Atlanta were the last ones schedule for the first leg of his tour.

We’ll keep you updated on new information on the singer’s condition as it is received. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram to get the most recent updates to any of our stories.