The Rihanna and Chris Brown relationship has been a very rocky on again and off again type of love and now with all the rumors of a Rihanna leaked sex tape porn video and nude pictures hitting the web… Twitter is going crazy!

The entire ordeal started after nude photos of Rihanna hit the web of her and Chris Brown completely naked with joints in hand taking pictures of each other on their cell phones. Shortly there after video footage of what was said to be the couple surfaced and Twitter went absolutely ape s**t. The footage and photos was said to have been hacked but there was never a comment other than Rihanna saying: “Do I have some sex tapes out there? Yeah, you want to see them?” and that was all the paparazzi could get out of the mega celeb. Chris Brown was also very tight lipped, not saying a damn thing when asked about it.

Several sites have jumped on the band wagon claiming to have the real videos like PornHub, Xvideos etc etc. but SexTape.com said: “it is complete bulls**t and non of the videos we have looked at can be verified as the real deal and they are only doing that to increase their traffic/advertising revenue to their sites misleading the public as usual.”