Our spies where 100% spot on yet again, after reporting that Rob Kardashian was furious that The Game went public about his sexual escapades with Blac Chyna as well as the Kardashian sisters!

TMZ picked up the story today, about a 4 days after our spies reported the news to us about Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian having a huge blow out.

TMZ Reported:
“Sources close to Rob and Chyna tell TMZ … the couple had a heated argument about the sexually suggestive lyrics in Game’s diss track, “92 Bars” … because Rob had no idea Game took her down. We’re told Rob was weirded out because Game had spent so much time with his family, and he felt it’s something Chyna should have disclosed early on in their relationship. She begged to differ, claiming it went down long before she hooked up with Rob.”

The part that TMZ is leaving out, is that Kanye West is also pissed off at Kim Kardashian about the news of The Game banging the Kardashian family including his wife. According to sources inside the Kardashian home, Kanye “went ballistic” calling Kim a “slut, skank etc etc.” This was of course after he was said to have told his entourage “F$%k that ni**a and hoe”.

So with the Kardashians basically called out for all of them sleeping with The Game, we are going to assume that you will not see The Game around any of the Kardashians or Kanye for a long time.