Rob Zombie Tells Trolls to Shut The F*ck Up When It Comes To His Pals Baby Metal

Always wanted to know how it is to get shut the fuck down from a major rock celebrity? Well, fear not, your wait is over. Simply join trolls in dissing Rob Zombie’s new pals Baby Metal and whala you will then be shut the fuck down.

baby metl and rob zombie

After Rob Zombie had posted this pic of himself with Japanese metalers Baby Metal, trolls went to town calling the trio awful and lame and how true metal heads would never listen to Babymetal. In all too cool Rob Zombie fashion the metal icon decided not to allow internet bullies to dog on his new friends.

Epic comments from an epic guy.

Still questioning the girl’s power to rock? Try some other of there fans. Slayer anyone?
babymetal and slayer

Song off of there newest release Metal Resistance