Yikes… Seems the reason why Nicki Minaj ended her relationship with Safaree is because she says he cheated on her and she has undeniable proof.

Nicki goes on to say: “I do not know what he was thinking… I was a loving faithful woman that would do anything for him and he had to ruin all of that over a cheap piece of ass?!”

After some Twitter battles between the couple, they ended when Nicki deleted everything and said: “You fu#$ed up and now I am in love with Meek Mill end of story.”

After the entire fight some nude images of Nicki Minaj hit the web the same day that those close to Nicki said “they have no doubt that Safaree leaked them out of spite”.

Safaree’s song “Love The Most” will be released at the end of the week and from the rumors of those in the industry he trys to put Nicki on blast as much as possible airing out as much dirty laundry as he can.

Sources: TMZ, Huffington Post, Daily Mail

UPDATE – Here is the song that we talked about earlier where Safaree puts Nicki on blast.