Sean Kingston Get’s Sued For Sicking Bodyguard On Basketball Player

Yup seems like a recurring issue with celebs and basketball as Sean Kingston is being sued by a dude that says he sicked his bad ass bodyguard on him after he asked his crew to calm down a bit on the court.

Allen Assil says he was hooping at an L.A. Equinox gym back in 2013 when Kingston showed up with his bodyguard, Adrian Pascasio. Assil claims the guys were playing “overly aggressive and in an intimidating manner.”

Assil goes on to report: “the bodyguard punched him in the face and broke 2 bones. after asking them to simply calm down.”

We agree with Sean, the timing of the suit seems a little fishy as this happened in 2013 and is just now being filed right before the statute of limitations runs out on Sunday.

Sean says: “This is just a broke asses money grab attempt”

Sources: TMZ, Mirror

If you are unsure of who Sean is, here is a video of him doing his thang: