Ok the shit keeps getting worse and worse witht he entire Famous track, where Kanye says he made Taylor Swift (his bitch) famous in the song Famous.

Now, Kim Kardashian tried to protect her man’s reputation (lack there of) claiming that Taylor was cool with the lyrics of the song from the beginning and she has the phone conversation recording to prove it. The only problem is that he left out a lot of parts he added to the song after talking with Taylor, including the part about making “his bitch” (Taylor) famous.

Here is the sneaky man Kanye recording the private conversation with Taylor, calling her his friend and want not:

Now, after Kim leaked the video saying that Taylor was cool with the lyrics, here is what Taylor had to say about the lyrics added after they originally talked:

That moment when Kanye West secretly records your phone call, then Kim posts it on the Internet.

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As you can see she hates to be called a lair, and had no idea about all the other stuff he was going to be adding to the song. Kim on the other hand tried to make it look as though Taylor signed off on the completed lyrics by posting the private conversation.

This one is bound to get downright nasty, and in our opinion the Kardashians famous only for her big sexy ass and Kim K Superstar sex tape video are really being snakes in the grass trying to ruin the rep of Taylor. Only problem is that people are seeing right past Kim and Kanyes twisted shit.