Well as expected Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have officially called it quits. Our spies are telling us that the breakup was not nasty like the Calvin Harris breakup, but that Taylor is the one that started the breakup negotiation. Sources are also confirming that the breakup was only due to time away issues, as their schedules are just to crazy and Taylor’s is about to get much more busy.

If you remember, Taylor and Tom started off hot like fire at the same time some say Taylor was still banging Calvin, but many close to the relationship said that it would not last as they are two way different people.

USWeekly is the source that confirmed the breakup this morning, and we have also confirmed with our sources that it was over about a week ago. This would make sense as Taylor has not been seen with Tom for about a week or so.

Calvin is still saying that Taylor cheated on him and is still holding onto his grudge, and there is of course the Taylor Swift sex tape rumors of video with Calvin. Some of Calvin’s friends have said they have seen the tapes. So she has that to be a little worried about. But hey, when was the last time a sex tape leak hurt a celebs status…. uh never! LOL