Boy this fight between Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa has just went into overdrive as after Kanye dissed Wiz on Twitter he fired back in a big way.

On 1/31/16 at the Rio De Janeiro Brazil concert Wiz was having a great time making the people go crazy and then all of a sudden according to reports he stopped and put up the video of the Kim K exposed video. Fans got quite and then Wiz said: “Ray J’s d$%k deserves an Oscar for its performance” and then goes on to call out Kanye by saying: “I would have left Ray J’s d$#k out, if Kanye left my kid out.” and the crowd went absolutely ballistic.

Wiz though should not be so quick to call out someone for a sex tape as he himself has been battling his own Wiz Khalifa sex tape stripper videos from going public with his attorneys.

People in droves took to social media talking about what had just happened and not one word came out of the Kanye/Kardashian camp.

This battle is not over by any means as we all know Kanye will not just lay down as a “punk” it is not in his DNA.

Our sources are saying that Kanye already has a song that will be about 3 minutes of dissing Wiz and his relationship with Amber Rose. Though we do not think this would be smart as there would be even more ammo for Wiz to fire. Because Amber also most recently dogged on Kanye about liking ass play in the bedroom after he would not shut up talking crap on people, saying that the Amber Rose naughty tapes videos are real and Kanye should know this.

Our advice to Kanye is to drop it, and go on with life, you do not want to go down this road.

[UPDATE] – Wiz has gone on record saying he is not sure what people are talking about, he says: “Yes I was talking s#$t on Kanye but at no time did I put his wifes sex tape up on the big screen. Though that is a great idea and may do something like that in the future. jk”

Here is Wiz saying “F$%k You Kanye” at his recent performance in Argentina:

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