A lot of posts are popping up saying the new tattoo that former One Direction member posted of his shaved head and what looks to be a parrot with the word M.O.M. is a fake PR stunt. However, ShowbizSpy reached out to Zayn’s camp and they are telling us it is 100% the real deal. We asked if it was a tribute to his mother and they said: “No, it stands for “Mind of Mine” the name of his new solo album set to go on March 25th.

Here is what Zayn looked like before the new look:

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And, here is what he looks like now:

Like I Would

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??. @zayn ?back in?? making sure we point in the right direction ?

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If you look at the picture from music video producer Nabil Elderkin’s Instagram above, Malik threw down on two other tattoos on his neck as well, showcasing another bird on the left side and more on the right.

Fans of the former One Direction band mate have been very vocal in their displeasure for the new ink, haircut and “dirty look”, posting several nasty comments on social media like:

“Who did your tattoo Michael J. Fox?”

“That’s the worst tattoo I have ever seen.”

“Are you fu**ing serious with this s**t.”

“Epic Ink Fail.”

“Wrong Direction.”

As you can see a lot of people including long time fans are confused why he would make such a massive change to his appearance that drove the girls and boys crazy for so long. However, you may not know that his main squeeze is supermodel Gigi Hadid and she says “he is so damn yummy”. So… life is still… just great for the Zayn man! lol

Here is Zayn with his lady Gigi in “Pillowtalk” track number 2 of his new album Mind of Mine: