Amber Rose and Blac Chyna arrived in Trinidad just a bit ago to host an event for carnival called Baewatch together.

Reporters flocked to the girls like flys on s#$t flashes going crazy trying to get either one to talk about Blac’s relationship with Rob. Scoop we have already gotten first hand from Amber personally.

Blac was asked several times about her relationship with the Kardashian’s but never said a word, however Amber came to the rescue several times for Blac repeating the same thing over and over again: “Love them together. I love Rob, I absolutely think Blac is a positive influence on him.”

The paparazzi also harped on the rumors floating around of a Kanye West and Amber Rose celeb sex tape videos since Amber recently told the rapper to chill with the shit before she “leaked” something that would embarrass the shit out of him *pun intended*, calling him “little quickie”. We don’t care who you are, comments like that hurt. lol

Not to be left out of the conversation Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have been said to have their own celeb sex tape videos and were even offered big bucks from Vivid for the rights. Though Blac said “f**k that if I am going to release my own sex tapes we are going solo.” Her mom was recently busted on video that was about 15 years old having sex on tape as well. The Blac Chyna leaked sex videos have been going viral the last few days.

The BFF’s quickly headed over to the bar area to grab some grub and drinks while taking a bunch of hot selfies that they later posted on Instagram:

Muva X @blacchyna #TrinidadCarnival ?

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Bae Watch

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Must be nice!

Here is Amber at the 2015 Baewatch doing her thang.