Seems as though Beyonce & Kim Kardashian are not the only celebrities that have full time Photoshop pro’s on hand to make them look smooth as silk as Amber Rose took a bunch of very racy photos at the public beach and posted them on Instagram.

As you can see the pics do not look the same at all… as before the touch ups you can see a bit of hail damage but after the Photoshop her booty looks like a smooth peach.

Either way makes not difference to us as Amber is one of the hottest women alive in our opinion and we love the little wet cootchie shot as well, nice touch! Amber has also been dealing with a slew of Amber Rose leaked video scandal that include non other than Kanye West. Amber herself has said that they are true and she does have naughty video of the at the time couple engaging in some pretty freaky-deaky stuff. NICE! Kanye was wiggin out at the thought of Amber leaking their videos together and we are not totally sure why, as he has always had a “no gives a shit” about his wife Kim’s videos. We would bet there is some really juicy content in there… or he is a minute man.

[UPDATE] – Here is a pic to go along with the others from when Amber was chilling at the beach. Photoshop or no Photoshop she is sexy as f**k!

Amber Rose Instagram Photos