As Showbiz Spy previously reported Hustler founder Larry Flint wants the exclusive rights for any Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna leaked sex tape videos. So, Showbiz Spy reached out to the one person that would know for sure what was going on with the now famous couple, her BFF and our friend Amber Rose. Amber herself has said that she has in her possession Da Real Amber Rose leaked sex tape videos that features none other than Kanye.

ShowbizSpy: “So what’s the deal with the Rob and Blac relationship?” Amber: “What a lot of people do not know is that the two have known each other for a very long time and have always been good friends. It just so happened that the timing was perfect for their relationship to grow. Looking from the outside in, it’s like watching a high school love blossom, I mean a true love where you always want to be together. They are very good for each other both on an emotional and physical level.”

ShowbizSpy: “We understand that Blac is trying to get Rob in better health, could the offer from Larry Flint with Hustler have anything to do with that?” Amber: *Laughing* “You know that was funny when it all went down. But let me explain something to you… Steve with Vivid and Larry with Hustler are 2 guys that know how to work the system and by system I mean the media. As we all know, Kim had a tape that helped put the Kardashian name on the map. Now I am not saying that is why she is so successful today, but let’s be real here it definitely helped launch her career and everyone is looking to bank on the repeat of that success. I mean come on look at her, she is absolutely beautiful, who would not want to look at her doing her thing, I know I did. So, what happens is the adult companies will make offers to famous people in hopes that the media picks it up and goes viral. Now, you see what happened here? It cost them nothing and they just got a ton of media coverage, all for just making an offer and forwarding that offer to all the major media outlets. I mean, why on earth would Vivid and Hustler send their offer to like TMZ, Hollywood Life etc. and the couple themselves. See, they are generating a media buzz, thus promoting their brand at no charge, you could not ask for a better return on investment.”

ShowbizSpy: “So how are you doing with the Kardashian/Kanye family is their any weirdness?” Amber: “All is going great, we are all getting along just fine, don’t believe the hype… we are meeting for lunches, talking on the phone doing what friends do. It just feels so good when there is so much positive chi in life.”

ShowbizSpy: “Is Khloe still all butt hurt about the whole Blac/Rob Relationship?” Amber:”Absolutely not, what the media failed to report on the entire kicking Rob out story was that Khloe was extremely tired and worn out with all her hard work, then came home to a bit of a mess and snapped. Come on, who has not had a minor meltdown and attacked those close to them? We all have, she was just having one of those days, give her a break.”

ShowbizSpy: “So when are we going to get to see your sex tapes?” Amber: *Laughing* “You could not handle mine.”

ShowbizSpy: “Thanks Amber you are awesome.” Amber: “I know *laughing* kisses”