We have been asked about a million times what’s the best naughty celebrity sex tape of all time… So, we decided to take a little poll and after 400,000 user votes the results are in with the Kim Kardashian “Kim K Superstar” sex tape downloads winning the award hands down!

Our poll featured the current top 5 most downloaded celebrity sex tape videos: Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, Kendra Wilkinson, Shauna Sands or other. The winner by a huge margin was non other than the Kim Kardashian tape with rapper Ray J as no surprise to us. Kim Kardashian received over 68% of the votes blowing away every other celebrity on the list. Paris Hilton came in second at around 17%. So as you can very well see the public feels very strongly that Kim Kardashian’s famous interracial sex tape with Ray J is the big winner!

So there ya have it… celebrities that are thinking about “leaking” a celebrity sex tape need to take note from the “Kim K Superstar” video if they are to be successful, as the film has now been labeled “The Best Sex Tape Ever!” Who is going to step up and take Kims #1 best sex tape trophy?… Only time will tell!

[UPDATE] – The Farah Abraham sex tape had an all time high record for downloads on the launch of her new released sex tape… Will she be able to beat Kim K Superstar numbers overall. Only time will tell.

[UPDATE] – As we predicted for a couple years now… the Kim Kardashian sex tapes are now officially the most watched adult video ever. This is not just the most watched celebrity sex tapes, this is the most “adult porn video” overall watched in the world for all time.