Now before we get into this let it be known that we do not see color we see people and believe that there should be no black or white discussions we are all humans regardless of race, religion or color.

Ok, now lets get into this… TMZ broke the original story that Beyonce was supporting the Black Panther movement with a lot of backed up facts, pictures and audio from the show and we would have to agree with the crew over there that this halftime show had “other” meanings within the actual show. One of those being the black panther movement as the performers and Beyonce herself held their fists up high wearing the black beret hats as you can see by the featured image above not only behind the scenes but in full view of the entire crowd and national tv.

The dancers on the field also formed an “X” on the field, which seemed symbolic of civil rights militant Malcolm X with their fists held high.

Now with all the uprising about not wanting to be labeled black or white and the end of racism why on earth would one of the most influential music icons on the planet support such a blatant support of the black panthers, Malcolm X and obvious disgust for authority figures such as police? We just don’t get it.

Now on top of what we already have to deal with with as far as racism, because of the show you got the media talking about what? You guessed it, Race and black and white trust issues.

We reached out to Beyonce’s team for comment of course they gave us the o’l “no comment” bull s$%t. We then reached out to Rudy Giuliani who already talked about his disgust for the show with Fox news. And he said the following ShowbizSpy: “The African Americans want to end racism however one of their most popular public figures goes on national television promoting hate. The entire thing makes no sense to me. And why the people that are in charge of giving the thumbs up for the performance to go on national tv allowed that crap is unreal in my opinion. Look, I love football I love watching the Superbowl but I think that the show should be about entertainment not a race or hate movement.”

So what do you think? Is Rudy right? Did Beyonce go to far? Was this all just to get people talking like it has or is it something bigger than that? Let us know in the comments section below.

Here is the most recent interview with Rudy on Fox News:

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