Just when you think the Kardashian, Chyna and Rose war is over, with all the recent cute little pictures they have been taking together, think again. New info has come to light of a conversation that confirms Blac and Amber do not trust the Kardashian family any farther than they can throw them.

A quick recap of the battle is of course Kanye was with Amber before he hooked up with Kim, and Blac was with Tyga before he left her for Kylie. The breakdown, if you are interested goes into more detail here.

One of our spies in the Amber Rose camp is telling us: “Amber and Blac talk every day about the Kardashian “issue” and they have both agreed to play nice for now, but do not trust the family any farther than they can throw them. They feel as though they have both been screwed over by them several times, and are only playing nice now because everyone knows that Blac is doing good for Rob Kardashian and his health. If the Kardashian family talked shit on a woman that is doing nothing more than helping Rob finally get healthy and in the public eye again, well, that would just look real bad on their part, and they know it. The social media backlash after the announcement of the marriage and the Kardashian/Jenner media silence bent a lot of people out of shape.”

As we reported earlier, the Kardashian’s finally have come to terms that the relationship between Blac and Rob is a serious one, and the marriage will happen regardless of what they want to happen. Rob has been very amendment that he could give two shits what his family thinks of him and the relationship, even just recently buying his main squeeze a sick purple Lambo.


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Nothing says I love you more than a brand new $300k purple Lambo!