Well, not that we did not see this one coming… According to sources close to the Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian relationship, Chyna has been fu**ing around on Rob pretty much since they started their relationship.

Our insider that leaked the couple were having problems and then the blow-up fight that went viral, that resulted in Rob moving out, is now telling us that “Blac has had a few dudes she has been fu**ing with the entire time they have been together, and Rob knows it.” Rob as we all know, has also caught Chyna sexting with someone on her cell phone.

The Kardashian sisters have been worried about this the entire time, and where the relationship has been going, as Kim put it: “I am worried that she is going to hurt him.” Well, Kim’s intuition seems to have been spot on!

The Kardashian sisters are also asking Rob to “PLEASE” get a paternity test, so that they can make sure that the seed planted in Chyna is in fact from Kardashian stock.

There has also been the entire mess where The Game made it clear publicly that he had sex with Blac several times. This came as a huge surprise to Rob, as they have all hung together many times. Those sources are also reporting that at least one of those times was when Rob & Chyna were out partying together in LA. YIKES!

We are not sure where this is all going, but we do know for a fact that Chyna has verified sex tapes with TYGA, Rob and a few others. So the thought is that she is trying like hell to follow in Kim Kardashian’s book of celeb success, and of course the biggest boost to Kim’s mega celebness, was the Kim Kardashian sex tapes. Yeah, we went there. ;)