Looks like Blac Chyna is getting ready to do some major marketing under her new name Angela Renee Kardashian. Sources have confirmed that the newest Kardashian family member now has a bullet proof copyright on the moniker for “advertising service… promoting the brands, goods and services.” In addition to “entertainment services” which include appearances as a “social media celebrity,” party hosting and film and television appearances.

If you remember, we broke the story of Blac Chyna being pregnant after our spies spotted her at Kim Kardashian’s OBGYN office. Then we also broke the story on Chyna and Rob Kardashian’s break in where some valuable sex tape videos, cash and jewlery where taken from the couples home safe and how a sex tape deal was already on the books for the future.

Tyga, Blac’s first baby daddy is now with Kylie yet again in the on again off again relationship, and tensions have been fairly high in the family about the relationship. We wont get into the entire relationship mess in this post as it is long winded one, but if you want to know about the entire messed up relationships, you can check out the timeline here.

Kim Kardashian is said to be the one trying to keep the peace in the family, however Kylie and Blac are not hearing it. All we know is that this sh*t is about to get real in the Kardashian family feud and we are positive that a new Blac Chyna sex tape will be leaking in the very near future, in an attempt to follow the Kim Kardashian sex tape mega millionaire playbook.