There is no doubting the fact that Blac Chyna does not trust any of the Kardashians as far as she can throw them, and now new comments by Blac seem to drive that point home that we have been saying forever.

In a recent interview Blac was quoted: “Tyga and Kylie jacked my Ferrari birthday party plans for our son”, adding: “They did it for no other reason than to outdo me in front of my son with Tyga.”

TMZ reports that a source close to Chyna, said she believes a production staffer on her reality show Rob & Chyna fed Tyga and Kylie Jenner all the little details of her super surprise birthday party for her son with Tyga King, which Blac says she spent 2 months planning. Tyga and Kylie were invited to the Saturday event by RSVP, but they never replied or showed… and then threw a bigger more super surprise copycat bash for King the next day, making Blac’s birthday party look more like a simple social gathering.

The feud with the Kardashian family has been a very long one for several reasons, with one of the most recent being Kardashians protection of their brother Rob.

Showbiz Spy reached out to Blac for statement and received the following: “They know what they did, they do this type of sh*t all the time, try to make me look bad as a mother, and always trying to one up me. It doesn’t really matter though, my son knows I love him more than life, and always will. You know, that’s what really matters in the end.”

Blac and Rob have had several issues going on in their relationship, with the most recent being Blac getting a paternity test to prove that the baby she is carrying is in fact Rob’s. The test was done says Blac, due to the amount of talk that the baby may not even be his. The test came back positive, matching Robs DNA… so it looks like Blac now has more firepower in the Kardashian clan than ever.