Blac Chyna has done all she can to try and “please” and be a part of the Kardashian family according to her discussion with best friend Amber Rose.

Blac has now moved out with Rob’s new baby and from reports she will be filling for full custody of the new little one.

As you remember Blac tried to trademark her name as “Angela Renee Kardashian”, at which point the real Kardashian sisters sicked their massive legal team on Blac, to prevent the legal paperwork from going through.

According to sources Blac told Amber Rose that the entire family can f**k off and she is going to go about her fortune a different rout, with or without the Kardashian’s approval.

This leads us to believe that all those sex tape she has of Rob and Tyga may be hitting the web very soon, as Blac has said in the past that she respected the way Kim Kardashian used her sex tapes to create an empire.

The Kardashian sisters have also gone public and said they are done trying to play nice with a woman they know has been cheating on Rob and doing nothing but manipulating him the entire time.

This is about to get super nasty, we have no doubt about that, though we are putting our money on the Kardashian family to win the battle in the long run.