Funny how we reported on the Blac Chyna sex tape in April, and just now after TMZ picks up the story it goes viral. lol

David with that is now the main celebrity nude and sex tape scandal writer for ShowbizSpy had received the footage in late March of 2016. David then sent the story to all major media outlets and was snubbed off as “just talk” even though he had the video proof. Well now as usual David has been confirmed correct yet again, after TMZ finally reported on the story he sent them in April of 2016.

David goes on to tell us: “The tape is very nasty, pretty lengthy and in good quality. There is no doubt whatsoever that the couple in the video is Blac and Tyga, you can see their faces plain as day and all the tattoos are legit and match. I get videos every single day of people claiming to have tapes of a celebrity, and 90% of the time I can debunk them as fakes, but this one is the real deal for sure.”

Now that the news of the tape has gone viral Blac has taken to social media, saying: “If anyone even thinks about posting my sex tape with Tyga I will sue their asses off.” That my friend is a little hard to do when you host the video outside of the US, as other countries such as the Ukraine and Russia do not have to follow United States DMCA laws. So good luck with that, when it does go live.

ShowbizSpy has also reached out to Rob for comment: “If they made a tape back in the day I could give a shit, I am hitting it now and that is all that matters. How many men has your wife or girlfriend been with? I am not the kind of guy that cares about someones past. That is what it is, their past.” Well said Rob!

The timetable to watch here, is that Rob and Blac recently got robbed after someone broke open one of their safes. Now the question is once the tape officially goes live will Blac say the safe that was broke into was the cause? If so, that will be debunked as David had a copy of the footage in March. Something weird is going on here…