Shit just got real interesting in the Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert split up as first reported Blake said Miranda cheated on him was the reason for the split.

Now, Miranda is saying that she was not the one that cheated he was and that “I never unfaithful not once during our 4 year marriage!”

This is turning out to be a classic case of he said she said with friends close to each other fighting for their friends reputation.

Those close to Miranda say that Shelton’s powerful PR firm blasted Miranda before the divorce was even settled with claims of infidelity… while on the other side those close to Miranda say that Blake cheated on her with a famous country music celebrity.

Miranda is the only one in the relationship that still says she has positive feelings for the country music star and even broke down crying at a recent performance.

Independent physiologists explain in the even of cheating within a marriage, those who have done the cheating automatically assume the other may be doing the same thing thus the slippery slope.

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