BMX Legend Dave Mirra Suffered From Serious Brain Disease Before Committing Suicide

As we reported the day it happened, BMX legend Dave Mirra had taken many hits to the ol’ noggin during his epic career in the BMX arena. Now, doctors are saying this may very well have been the reason why he took his own life, much like Jr Seau did for the exact same reason.

Dave’s brain was donated to a neuropathologist by his family shortly after his death. Reports say the doctors involved with the investigation determined Mirra’s brain showed major signs of CTE.

According to Wiki CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) is a very serious medical condition that needs immediate attention.
Symptoms of CTE generally begin 8–10 years after experiencing repetitive mild traumatic brain injury.[2] First stage symptoms include deterioration in attention as well as disorientation, dizziness, and headaches. Further disabilities appear with progressive deterioration; including memory loss, social instability, erratic behavior, and poor judgment. Third and fourth stages include progressive dementia, slowing of muscular movements, hypomimia, impeded speech, tremors, vertigo, deafness, and suicidality. Additional symptoms include dysarthria, dysphagia, and ocular abnormalities – such as ptosis.

Many in Dave’s close circle of friends had seen the signs prior to him taking his own life, and have mentioned the regrets that they did not do more for their friend, or take his condition more seriously.

Well known friend of Dave’s “Train Wreck” said to ShowbizSpy: “All of us in extreme sports take not only massive hits that you see in competition, but anytime we practice as well. New radical tricks just don’t come out of the air man, we work hard on those for sometimes years at a time, in order to master the move and split our heads a lot.”

Here was Dave talking about his wipe outs, and how the “keep going no matter what attitude” made him the popular man he was in the industry: