Famous chef Bobby has been labeled a cheater according to filed divorce court documents.

This has been a extremely brutal divorce proceeding as the entire problem is that Stephanie March signed a prenup agreement that basically gives her 5k a month and a million dollar residence. Where this all gets a bit sticky is that according to Stephanie, Bobby cheated on her and that according to her should nullify the prenup agreement as she did nothing wrong on her side.

Bobby has also been un-pleasant according to attorneys for Stephanie by canceling all bank accounts and credit cards at one point leaving his ex stranded in a store with no way to pay. Her attorney said that even though there is a pre-marital agreement the details of that agreement should be thrown out due to the way the breakup happened and that Bobby is “bullying my client through economic warfare”.

The attorney goes on to say that Bobby even tried to sling mud at his ex-wife in an effort to save face by saying she had an affair which is absolutely false and hurts my clients reputation as a faithful at the time loving wife.

When the divorce proceedings first started sources close to Bobby say he’s “heartbroken” the marriage has come to an end, but still cares for Stephanie. Stephanie on the other hand says that is complete bull s**t as he was un-faithful in the relationship and has proof.

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