CAA Insider Reveals Thousands Of Celebrities Will Be Voting For Trump Behind The Curtain?!

Ok so it is of no question that in Hollywood your political stance can/does have an impact on your career, and with this in mind, making it well known that you are for Trump, could be career suicide in Hollywood today.

However, a new source inside of one of the top celebrity marketing agency’s CAA is telling Showbiz Spy that just because a celebrity says one thing in front of the press, does not mean that is how they really feel behind closed doors.

Our source tells ShowbizSpy: “Politics in Hollywood is a very complicated issue, a lot of the top studios have for decades shunned great actors/actresses out of roles due to their strong views on politics/policies, basically stating that if they do not line up with what the studio big wigs stand on, normally being democratic, they can forget it. This is especially true for Trump supporters, as they are seen by top studio execs as dangerous.” Our source goes on to tell us: “I personally know for sure 2 of the top 10 celebrities known worldwide that have showed support for Hillary, are however going to be voting for Trump behind the curtain, and it does not stop there, it is probably more like 1000’s. They are not stupid though, aligning yourself with Trump in Hollywood right now does no good at all for your career, and can only hurt you for future roles. So when they are asked about political positions by local paparazzi or whatever, they will clearly state support for Hillary or non of the above, even though they know behind closed doors they will be supporting Trump for President.”

After we got this callback, we were floored looking at the proof that some celebs have in fact been devastated in the past over political views.

We also have the names of the two celebrities that our CAA source is talking about, and in fact they are a couple of the most well known celebs in the world, and have been in the entertainment industry at the top for decades, both since the 80’s.

This year has been a weird one for sure as far as politics, and there is no way for us to tell who is going to win in the end. But either way in our opinion, you are going to get a woman that has been proven to lie/deceive pretty much 24/7 or a man that seems to have a bit of crazy in his blood. We are kind of swaying to go with the crazy, just to see what happens. We have seen the Obama/Hillary way for the last 8 years, let’s get a little crazy in office and just see what happens! LOL

What do you think? Who are you voting for and why? Do you think your political stance should have an effect on acting gigs? Jeez, so many questions….