Our spy within the Tiger Woods camp who confirmed 2 days before anyone that Tiger would not be playing in the Masters, has just told us that Tiger is expecting to play this years U.S. Open. Saying: “I overheard talk between Tiger and another prominent player, that Tiger has talked directly with Diana M. Murphy (current USGA president) and he told her that he would be there, unless something major comes up.”

The rumors started flying around after Tiger waited till the very last minute to register as a player for the tournament. Tiger’s agent Mark Steinberg with ‘Excel Sports Management‘ has continued to keep the media in the dark as to the former #1 return, and most recently said that the registration was: “This is simply procedural and there is no reason to read anything into this action.”

There has also been rumors that Tiger could play “The Players” in a couple weeks, however our spy is telling us that it does not look as though he will play in the event.

Our spy goes on to tell us: “Tiger is feeling much better and is really biting at the bit to get back into competition. He is no fool though, and knows that he must be close to 100% to compete at the level needed to win. That is what he wants to do, he does not want to just play and make organizers and advertisers happy, he wants to win. Remember, we are talking about Tiger Woods here.”

Here is Tiger just a couple days ago hitting some real good shots for the Bluejack National grand opening, the first Tiger Woods designed course:

Here is the U.S. Open highlights from 2008, the last Open tournament Tiger has won: