Celebrities Furious Over Unarmed Terence Crutcher Murder By Oklahoma Police Dept.

Yikes, here we go again… Black male Terence Crutcher of Oklahoma was shot and killed by police on the road, even after the video shows he had his hands in the air.

Last Friday, Crutcher’s car broke down on a long stretch of road in Tulsa, Oklahoma. When police responded to a 911 call about the stalled vehicle, they found him outside the car with his arms raised. It’s unclear what conversation transpired, but 40 year old Crutcher was tased and fatally shot by one of the officers after walking back to his vehicle, The 40-year-old did not have any weapons on him or in the vehicle at the time.

Celebrities from around the world are making how they feel about the death known on social media:

The social media posts go on for miles…

Police Chief Chuck Jordan said at a news conference Monday: “It’s very difficult to watch, the first time I watched it I watched it with the family . . . we will do the right thing, we will not cover anything up.”

The DOJ is currently investigating the shooting and has said they will recommend prosecution in the event it turns to light that the shooting was unwarranted.

Hmmm, seems the video shows that in fact he had his hands in the air and there was no weapons to be found. Not really sure how much more clear of evidence they need. Yeah?…