Oh boy, here we go again with Chelsea Handler, who we might add has a net worth in the whopping $40M range, making idiot statements via social media. Sound familiar? (Madonna) What’s up with all these super rich white celebrity women going nuts?

As we all know Chelsea is no fan of the Trump administration (shocker!), constantly taking to her social media accounts with disgust, only this time she may have gone a bit to far, and shown her true colors.

Chelsea took to her social media saying:

I wouldn’t interview the First Lady because she can barely speak English.

The backlash was quick and swift from thousands of people, even from her own fans, and at that point the statement quickly disappeared, but not before sites like TMZ, Fox News etc. took screen shots of the horrid statement.

Reason being is that Melania Trump actually is very well educated, speaking a total of 5 languages … French, Italian, German, Slovene and, of course, English.

TMZ reports – “Handler’s comments are essentially shaming immigrants who try to adapt to American culture, and when people bully them by making fun of their level of skill in mastering the English language it inhibits them from speaking altogether.”

Then on top of all this you of course have the SNL writer Katie Rich that said Barron “would be the next home school shooter“, she has finally been put on suspension.

Word of warning to the “Pussy Power” movement/protesters, you may want to steer clear of insults that involve women and children. Where has the “Love Trumps Hate” message gone?