Just when the Jenner/Kardashian clan start to cool down in the media, boom, a new/old scandal hits the main stream media putting the family right back to the top. And this time, China and Germany adult companies are wanting to get their hands on any confirmed Kris Jenner and Rob Kardashian sex tape videos, or any naughty video filmed with the momager by anyone, according to recent reports by the Mirror, Sun and CNN.

The Kardashian’s and sex tapes go hand in hand and are of no surprise to the public anymore. As it has been confirmed that the Kim Kardashian sex tape video with Ray J that put the family on the map, was in fact managed by momager Kris Jenner and Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis. Then there is the first hand conformation of the Klhloe Kardashian tapes with Lamar Odom by Khloe herself on her show ‘Kocktails With Khloe’, Kylie Jenner’s sex tapes with Tyga, confimed by Kylie and Tyga both to TMZ paparazzi, and now the Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian tapes confirmed by Rob and Blac to HollywoodLife reporters. The entire empire is built on sex tapes!

Best selling investigative author Ian Halperin, writer of the new tell all book “Kardashian Dynasty” says that he found out about the x-rated videos from his friend and best-selling novelist Jackie Collins before she died last year. I had reported over 2 years ago that Kris had a tape with Robert, Bruce (Catlyn) and now most recently her new boy toy Corey Gamble, all info received from a very reliable inside source.

Ian has been spot on with the books specific details into the life of the Kardashian family, however he is having problems with the mainstream media shrugging off his facts saying: “Having people like the Kardashians influence major media outlets about what to air and when to air it, the public loses out on hearing the truth. They become victims of censorship and unfortunately end up getting only one side of the story. They have no shame ruthlessly suppressing information. It’s egregious and appalling. The media only lets you hear about what they want you to hear about, when they want you to hear about it.”

The Chinese and Germany companies are offering huge 7 figure offers to anyone with real footage of any of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. They are both saying: “Releasing the footage will not be of any issue for our companies as we do not have to adhere to the same laws as the US. So if we receive any footage we will leak it 100% guaranteed. The 7 figure offer though is now pretty much the norm, as adult companies can see that the Kim Kardashian video has helped put Vivid and PornHub on the map. Vivid is said to have made over 100M in recurring revenue/up-sales from the tape and PornHub that has been the #1 result in Google and shows a quick 5min clip of the video has received more than 150M visitors to the single page, generating over 30M in ad revenue thus far. As you can see, legit celebrity sex tapes can mean very big money to a lot of people.