Boys will be boys. Chris Brown was hanging at the recording studio Westlake in lovely L.A. listening to one of the many artist he represents when Frank acted like a complete douche according to witnesses.

People at the scene stated that Frank and his crew of thugs tried to block the door when Chris was leaving, then Frank told Chris that this is his recording studio and his fu$#%ing parking spot.

Chris then tried to leave to avoid the confrontation again at which point Frank got in his face pushing him and Chris retaliated by making the entire ordeal a huge brawl.

We know that Chis has had “anger management” issues but sounds to us from the statements that Chris genuinely was trying to avoid the situation and was basically forced to start throwing down.

At this time neither party has filed any charges as this type of incident is usually handled on the streets unfortunately… No word on who won the parking spot ;)

Here is a couple videos in case you are unsure who either celeb is: