Uh Oh, It has been confirmed through court documents that the former ‘Bachelor’ who was at one point engaged to Whitney Bischoff has dropped a legal bomb on the dating website

The problem arose after the website said to only be for country folk persona without his authorization in advertisements driving traffic and sales to the website under the false assumption that Chris endorses them. The ad in question was that of a cowboy that looks a lot like Chris at a distance in front of the famous Hollywood sign saying: “The farmer who was on a TV show needed help finding love and would have if he had used FarmersOnly.” The ad is clearly meant to mean Chris with no question.

ShowbizSpy has received inside information from a Spy within the FarmersOnly organization saying: “They knew what they were doing, in fact that was the entire premise of the ad, management even said that if they do get sued so be it the media coverage from the lawsuit would be worth its weight in gold.”

We have also reached out to Chris but have yet to hear anything back yet as everything is being forwarded to his attorneys who are for now being tight lipped about the issue and busy getting ready to win a legal battle.

Here is a funny video with Jimmy Kimmel:

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