Cleveland Still Celebrating After 52 Year Championship Drought; Oakland Still Getting Kicked In The Nuts

A day after Lebron James played arguably the greatest game of his career and fulfilling a promise made to his home two years ago Northeast Ohio is still erupting in cheers. Deservedly I might add.  It’s only been 52 holy shit years!   Plus history was made last night when the Cavaliers came back from a 3 to 1 deficit in the series to win the improbable game.  In fact only 3 teams total has forced a game 7.  And now only 1 has taken it all the way.  Stars aligned just right and the gods of basketball crowned a champion to maybe the most deserving of cities . . . ever.  Couldn’t have asked for a better Father’s Day for Lebron and the gang.  He was so emotional after the game he knelt and wept for seemingly hours.  “Everybody counted us out — and that’s when we strive the most,” Cleveland coach Tyronn Lue said. “That’s definitely when I strive the most.”

Oakland on the other hand just got dealt with another kick in the nuts.  The defending champions all but had this series in the bag going up 3 to 1.  Just one win short of a repeat performance from last year was cruelly stripped from this downtrodden town.  And a champion is something these guys probably could have used right about now.  I mean 3 police chiefs in 9 nine days?!  Yeah, if anyone needs a break anywhere it’s Oakland.  Stephen Curry could be seen in the locker room shortly after the game hanging his head low with the rest of his team.  Basically what the rest of his town has been doing the past couple of weeks.

Steph Curry had this to say after the game,

“We’ve obviously been on the other side of the situation last year and know how great a feeling that is when you accomplish your goal. It sucked to watch them celebrate, and we wish that would have been us. But at the end of the day, you congratulate them for accomplishing what they set out to do.

“[LeBron] had a lot of people around him congratulating him. But there’s no denying what he was able to accomplish this series. He played pretty great basketball, made some timely shots. Definitely was a huge reason they got it done.

“So hat’s off to him. Winning a championship is no easy task, and he was able to accomplish it with his guys. So you congratulate him. If I do see him, that’s basically what I’d say. Enjoy. Obviously he’s done it before, but enjoy the moment. They definitely deserve it. They played their butts off and got it done.

“That’s a special moment for them. Every person I’ve seen, I’ve talked to, I’d tell them enjoy it because we know how it feels as well.”

So like everyone else says: hey maybe next year.


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