There is no doubt that Tiger Woods was one of the best players to have ever played the game of golf. However, everyone also knows that ever since his cheating scandal back in the day, he has not been the same ever since. It seemed at that point in his life, women from all over the world were coming out of the woodwork claiming (usualy with proof) the golfer was banging them, when he was in town.

ShowbizSpy reached out to our PGA insider that has been spot on correct about 90% of the time in the golf arena, and he is telling us: “Tiger has lost all of his confidence in his game, and is mentally ruined. He is behind closed doors talking with a well known sports therapist, about all the thoughts going through his head every single time he addresses the ball. When Tiger was on his A game he had no doubt he could pull off any shot he was looking at. Now though, he is telling those close to him that he can not get the negative swing thoughts out of his head, thus why he will hit a great shot, or completely chunk the ball or even hit a straight shank from 60 yards out.”

We have seen in his recent performances that he has tried to come back, looking very confused and tentative over the ball.

Our source goes on to tell us: “He has a ton of pressure on him to perform, not just perform really, but dominate the game. All the talk about his body health is simply untrue at this point, Tiger is more fit that 90% of the golfers out there. His mental health is the issue, and until that is “repaired” you will not see Tiger in any professional matches anytime soon.”

Other sources tell us that on top of all the pressure to get back in the game from fans, the PGA has been pushing Tiger hard to get back in the game. Saying: “Even when Tiger does not perfom at the top level making the final cut, just his presence increases ratings like a Donald Trump show, we need him to get back in the game.”

We have checked on the numbers and they are all true, viewership has gone down big time of tournaments, costing millions in lost advertising revenue. On top of that, courses have been reporting major losses in profit/memberships ever since Tiger left the game.

Here was Tiger recently talking about working to get back in the game: