Rumors have been everywhere for years of how exactly the Kardashian sex tape video leaked and whether or not it was intentional or not. Kim has denied to this day any responsibility or ulterior motive since the tapes release in 2007, as you can even see in the exclusive interview with Oprah below. Kim at the time completely denied any involvement in the tapes release and that she felt ashamed and embarrassed.

Now let’s take a look at the tape itself for a second… In the beginning scene Kim is in front of a glass door in the hotel room putting on her makeup, and Ray J says to Kim “Got Kim Kardashian right here ya’ll putting on her makeup for the big scene. Kim then looks up at Ray J and says “for you silly” (what woman on the planet makes her makeup perfect right before doing the nasty?). After making her makeup flawless she then stands up looks right into the camera and says: “For everyone that thinks my boobs are fake out there. they are real and saggy, I just push them up really nice.(Everyone? Who the hell you talking to?)” Then Ray J turns the camera on himself and says to the camera: “This is your boy Ray J live and uncut with Kim K and this is how bosses do,” he goes on to say when Kim is posing on the bed with him: “For all you at home watching this video, go hard with it man, go hard with it.”(Who the hell are you guys talking to?)

Now we are no rocket scientist but it would appear by the sex tape itself they knew damn well others would be watching it. Ya think?!

Ok, fast forward to most recently and the new book called “Kardashian Dynasty” investigated and written by award winning author Ian Halperin. In the book Halperin quotes a “source” in the “adult film industry” who said, “A mutual friend of Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton had advised her that if she wanted to achieve massive fame, a sex tape would be the way to go and that Kim had discussed the idea of producing a tape with her family beforehand after watching how successful it was with her at the time best friend Paris Hilton.” Halperin goes on to say that the reliable source told him, “It was Kim’s mother Kris who engineered the entire deal behind the scenes and was responsible for the tape seeing the light of day.”

The “Source” had been confirmed through a close contact of Ian Halperin by Showbiz Spy as non other than Joe Francis the adult marketing genius of the Girls Gone Wild brand and long time friend of the entire Kardashian family and *caugh* *caugh* Paris Hilton. This information has now been double confirmed after our spies talked with an ex-employee Vivid insider that said: “Joe was the one that told Kim to make the sex tape after she was tired of being Paris Hilton’s shadow and wanted to somehow break away from just being her little party buddy. Joe was also the one that contacted Steve directly about the video.” He then goes on to say: “Kris was also right there the entire time to make sure everything went smooth with the deal, but Joe was the brains behind the entire deal. Kim herself was hands off for the most part to give the video that taboo effect. Hell, even the lawsuit was to create the effect that the video was not supposed to be seen by the public and create more buzz in the media. I remember when Kim and her mom came in to talk with Steve they where all laughs, hugs, smiles and handshakes.” Our source also gave us some juicy info on the celebrity blog TMZ and their relationship with Steve at Vivid but we will be saving that for a later date as more info is needed.

Anyways, Ray J has also been busted a few times stating that the video was a set up only to retract his statements, and even his long time friend Karrine Steffans recently took to Twitter stating that Ray J sought out her advice before the tapes “leak”:

All of this new info leads us to believe that… if it looks like a duck and f**ks like a duck… it’s probably a duck ;)

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