Oops… Abby Miller is in a bit of financial trouble after being indicted for bankruptcy fraud by United States Attorney David J. Hickton of the Western District of Pennsylvania.

The extensive indictment shows concealment of bankruptcy assets and false bankruptcy declarations and now the IRS is also investigating the Lifetime high strung Dance Mom.

According to reports Abby was hiding as much money from the feds as possible to the tune of $755,492.85. If convicted on just the bankruptcy fraud charges she is looking at 5 years in prison and 250k in fines. This does not include what the IRS investigation may uncover adding even more time and penalties to her indictment.

Her accountant even said that Abby tried to constantly scheme up ways to hide income and said “Let’s make money and keep me out of jail”. Seems to us the evidence is overwhelming and this should be a quick guilty plea to get a lesser charge or at least plead out to a single count.

Legal counsel believes that when it is all said and done Abby will only do about 2 years with of course the fines added to her ever mounting bill to the government as this would be the absolute minimum sentence on a single charge of tax evasion. “If you add up all the different charges together her time would go up to about 25 years, so this is a no brainier that she will plead out to a lesser charge.”

Sources: Fox News, People Mag