Ok people, there has been a ton of reports out there about David and Victoria Beckham getting a divorce. We can confidently put those rumors to rest, after getting in touch with David directly.

David tells ShowbizSpy: “No there is no trouble in our relationship, we still love each other as much today as the first day we met. All of these rumors were started after we put our French Estate in southern France. There is nothing more to it.”

RadarOnline known for making shit up is stating that “the Beckham’s are moving for a different reason.” Pointing to trouble in paradise. However, GossipCop has debunked several made up stories by Radar like the “David Beckham was flirting with a woman at SoulCycle” and when Radar reported that the soccer star and his wife had “severed their business ties to each other.”

Ok! another tabloid known for stretching the truth had recently reported that the couple was in the middle of a massive $ billion divorce, but that has also been debunked as false.

MediaTakeout yet another gossip blog known for making up shit has just reported that David was caught cheating on Victoria. This has also been debunked by ShowbizSpy spies directly from Victoria who said: “That is totally false.”

So, like always, make sure to check your sources before passing on information you have read. ;)