As we all know now, Kanye West went on stage and let the world know that even though he did not vote, he would have checked the box next to Donald J Trumps name if he would have.

VH1 reported: “Everyone seems to want the old Kanye back besides one person, Donald Trump. Early Friday (11/18), Kanye West infuriated the Internet after revealing he would’ve voted for Trump, had he voted. Well Trump caught wind of Ye’s rant and responded in typical Trump fashion.” The site then claims that, “during a rally,” Trump said, “I’ll never say bad about him. You want to know why? Because he loves Trump. He goes around saying Trump is my all-time hero. So to Kanye West, I love him. In a few years I might have to run against him, so I’ll take that back.”

Unfortunately for VH1 that is not normally known for creating false stories, this story is completely false.

Donald Trump’s reps have confirmed at no time recently has he responded to Kanye’s endorsement.

As we reported earlier, there is a ton of celebs that during the election process claimed to be with her, when in fact they where with him, due to all the Hollywood studios ran by Dem’s. Everyone in Hollywood knows that disagreeing with the big studios on political stances, can be career suicide.

Here is the video of Kanye giving his support to Donald Trump, and then gets booed by a mostly democratic crowd.