According to Michel’le who used to be the ex-girlfriend of Dr Dre and has a child with him went on record stating that she got her ass kicked by the music mogul basically on a daily basis due to jealousy. Michel’le came clean about the subject recently on Power 105.1 “The Breakfast Club” on Friday along with crazy stuff about her other ex Suge Night who as we all know by now is in Jail waiting to be tried for murder after running over a couple people while being attacked.

Calls to Dr. Dre’s reps have not been returned and the entire Dre crew has been informed not to comment on anything about his past record of beating women. Damn, sounds like someone has some serious issue’s…. The question arises… has he eve laid a finger on Beyonce? Yikes

Here is the video of Michel’le talking about the issues that Dre has and what he supposedly put her through when they where together provided by TMZ: