Some tabloids have been reporting that a sex tape video of Drake and Jennifer Lopez has been found, and released. The news spread like wild fire on social media, after some tabloid sites reported that someone supposedly touring one of Drake’s homes for sale in Hidden Lakes found the video.

Showbiz Spy looked into the rumor, and can confirm 100% the news is completely false!

We contacted Drake’s rep directly and are told: “I am not sure what is going on (*laughing) the house where the “tape” was supposedly found, is not even for sale, as they are all reporting. The story is completely false made up lies.”

TMZ also just reported that the “Home for sale” story was also completely bogus, reporting:
Turns out, a random guy who has no association with Drake posted the house as “For sale by owner” on Zillow. A real estate agent noticed the posting and reached out to the “manager” to see if he could rep the property.
The “manager” told the agent he could rep Drake in the sale, and that’s when the agent posted the listing on the Multiple Listing Service as an active listing.
The agent, Alexei Pavlov, tells TMZ he never intended to put the property on the MLS as active … it was supposed to be in drafts while he worked out details with the “manager.” But Pavlov says when he spoke with the “manager” to nail down the listing, the guy got aggressive and confessed it was a scam.

So again people, before you believe something you see on social media, shit your pants, and share something with all of your friends… check with a few reputable sources beforehand.

The old saying “If it sounds to good to be true”. LOL

With all that said, there is of course the old videos of JLO “before they where famous” from back in her Bronx dancer days, when she was managed by some shady ass people, and of course the “Jennifer Lopez honeymoon sex tape videos” that was HUGE verified news. Jennifer even went to court several times in an attempt to block the footage from being released.

There is other rumors of some sex tape videos of Drake with a stripper from Atlanta, though we have not been able to confirm any video with Drake. People try to fool us single day with fake celebrity sex tapes, but ShowbizSpy always checks, double checks, and triple checks any sex tapes, before we report them as confirmed. We have all seen what happened to Gawker.