Amber Rose has long been fighting for women’s rights to be sexy, empowering themselves with their bodies, while at the same time removing the gender gap. Amber has said only about a million times… “that a man can be a slut and it is cool, but not for a woman, wtf is that? That is complete bull sh*t, I believe about empowering women, and all women should be comfortable with their body/sexuality. Women have a ton of power over men, but just don’t use it as they should.”

So Amber of course took to her official Instagram account again letting people know that “pasties” are no longer needed.


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The ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ contender posted a pic of herself in a sheer fishnet turtleneck and a short fitted bright yellow skirt, which cinched in her enviable waistline. The photo does not leave much to the imagination, as she preserved her modesty with two strategically placed heart emojis, only so that Instagram does not remove her pic.

The 32-year-old mama recently admitted she’s dropped some serious weight since joining the ABC reality competition, and that she is clearly happy with the results: “I feel like I’m getting super toned,” she said on “Loveline With Amber Rose.” “I feel like I’ve lost probably 10 pounds, maybe 8 pounds already. It’s serious!”

Amber also just recently talked about ‘sex and video tape’ on her new radio show, going on about her Amber Rose her sex tapes, and how she has some with Tyga, Kanye and a few other very well known celebs that she does not want to call out at this time.” Amber then goes on to say: “People shame women for making sex tape videos with their partners, and yet nothing is mentioned that the partner in the video? They always go after the female as a slut, and that is what needs to change. I am doing my best, but need help from the entire world in order to remove the sexual gap.”

Here is Ambers Official SlutWalk website.