As you can see from the picture of Emily Ratajkowski walking her dog, damn near naked in New York, the woman has some great assets!

The world famous 25 year old supermodel commanded eyes, and turned married men heads as she took a stroll in nothing but black lace underwear, allowing onlookers to gaze at her phenomenal figure.

Despite the city’s chilly temperatures that was in the 30’s, the Girls Gone Wild… err we mean “Gone Girl” actress maintained her modelling prowess and defied the cold as she posed for DKNY. Every so often though the cold got the better of her, that you could tell by the nipple action going on under her lace bra. Either way we would like to pre-order whatever this shoot was for! LOL

When asked “you have got to be cold” by a drooling male bystander, her reply to him was: “It is a bit nipply out here.” HAHA

She posted this photo on her Instagram shortly after the shoot, that went to 500,000 likes and 2.5M views in a matter of minutes… yes we liked it instantly ;)

Shooting today in NYC mid-January in 40 degree weather in MY UNDERWEAR. Working hard lol ❄️???

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Emily is of course much like her best buddie Kim Kardashian, not giving two shits if you see her naked, which is a great thing in our opinion! She also like Kim, is no stranger to creating scandal getting men and women horny as hell, posting nude selfies with Kim Kardashian, and taking a page out of the sex tape scene with all the Emily Ratajkowski sex tape video rumors.

Emily has been gaining major strength in her career, due in part to her impressive marketing skills, in staying relevant in the celebrity gossip arena.

Look for much more to come from this amazing beauty!