Ok, so this piece is part II of our week long investigation into the big studios, celebrities and politics.

In part one, we got reliable information that thousands of celebrities claiming to the public they are “With Her” are in fact not, behind the closed curtain.

Now, we have more information from yet another top insider at Disney Studios, breaking down what we have been told by our agency insider.

Disney Studio Insider: “The issue at hand is that the top studios are all tied to the Democratic party in some form, and via a trickle down effect it is well known, that if you are vocal about your political stance, that does not align with how the studio big wigs feel, you will be passed over for work. This is a fact, and if you look around a bit at standings/donations, you will see what I am talking about. A great place to start, would be to see how the top execs of the top studios align. There is well known collusion between the studios and the government, going to the highest levels, and it is known to insiders very much, that if an actor/actress has ideas outside of what the top studios are down with, they will be passed over for roles that could make or break their careers. I myself am listed as a Democrat, and in fact I have donated to the cause to look good on paper. But when I go behind the curtain, I like many closet Trump fans will be checking the box for Trump.”

So we decided to look into this a bit further, and found that sure as shit, what we have been told by both insiders, appears to be right in line with “following the money”.

Here we have the top 6 studios, current presidents and political positions:
Universal (Comcast) President: Karen Irwin (D)
Walt Disney Studios (The Walt Disney Company) President: Alan Bergman (D)
Warner Bros. (Time Warner) President: Jeffrey Schlesinger (D)
20th Century Fox (21st Century Fox) CEO: Jim Gianopulos (D)
Sony Pictures (Sony) President: Doug Belgrad (D)
Paramount (Viacom) President: Marc Evans (D)

Every single one of these studios top executives have donated to the Clinton Democratic campaign, and several of the studios have donated BIG money to the Clinton Foundation. We could not find one single executive that has made a public donation to the republican candidate Donald J Trump. Then we were like ok, maybe it is just the company presidents… nope, it keeps going all the way down to mid-management.

So it seems as though Hollywood is in fact in bed with the Dems, and now we totally understand why most celebrities are either very vocal about voting for Hillary Clinton, or simply do not talk about it. They are in fear of career suicide.

The Democratic ownership of the media does not stop at just big studios, it is the same with the big networks/media like CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post etc. So it should be of no surprise, when they work overtime for their bosses to take down DJT.

[UPDATE] – Hillary has been making a great push through her celebrities on the last few days before the polls open, with some big names in the celeb biz. Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Bruce Springsteen to name just a few. Obama and Michelle have also been out every day with several appearances. This is like nothing we have ever seen, it really does appear to be Trump and his supporters against the world.

Clinton has also outspent Trump 10/1, with a ground game that was also reported 5 times the amount of staffers Trump was provided by the RNC.

Will Donald J Trump be able to pull off a win, even though the democrats had such hardcore star power… we will find out tomorrow!