Now this is some funny ass sh*t… Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has been blasting Trump online via his personal Facebook account, about how building a wall would be a very bad thing. Adding publicly that he will support Hillary Clinton, who has said we need to open our boarders with open arms to refugees and those in need.

The only thing is both Hillary and Zuckerberg have massive walls around every single home they own, “protecting” them from any type of threats to their property and family.

Most recently, Zuckerberg’s new home in Hawaii has been a bit of a mad house, as he is building a 3 foot thick stone wall around the entire 750 acre estate. This has raised many questions from “friends” on his personal Facebook… If you are promoting Hillary Clintan’s no wall/open boarder campaign why do all your homes have huge walls and massive security? Zuckerberg has not replied to any of the legitimate questions, and has in fact deleted some of the questioning users from his Facebook account.

The security does not stop at the wall as ShowbizSpy reached out to the construction crew responsible for the security of his new home, and we have found out that in just security for the compound, he will be spending close to $10 Million. FOR JUST SECURITY! There has also been the issue of his massive security in California, as neighbors have been complaining that there is just to much of it, to the point where his team of security take all the available parking spots at all times and stop/question anyone that gets to close.

So it would seem that all these famous celebs that are backing Hillary and saying we should open our boarders with open arms, have no problem because they already have their own walls to keep any threat out.

But what about the “little people” that can not afford to put up 10ft walls/gates around their home?

What do you think? Are you for the Wall between Mexico and the USA? Should all theses celebs talking open boarders, open their boarders as well?