Emma Watson’s legal team sent a cease and desist letter, along with the description of a nasty lawsuit to celeb tabloid site Celeb Jihad for posting a racy nude photo, that was not supposed to hit the web.

According to the letter obtained by TMZ, the photos were taken by Emma’s stylist, who then gave Emma all rights to the photo.

After investigating the site, about 90% of the sites content is fake, including all fake comments by popular commenting system Disqus. They basically Photoshop celebrity heads on other already naked women, including editing porn videos to appear to be famous celebrities. We found out the site has been threatened with lawsuits about a gazillion times, with the most popular one back in the day by Taylor Swift for posting fake nude photos with Taylor’s head using Photoshop.

The one thing we and other legitimate celebrity reporting sites can not understand, is Google’s love for the site in their search engine. For several years now if you search for any type of nude celebrity or celebrity sex scandal type search… Either PornHub, Xvideos or CelebJihad is right at the very top, and almost 100% of the time the information is completely false and misleading, creating a bad experience for users performing a Google search.

For example a quick Google search for “Taylor Swift sex tape”, “Megan Fox sex tape” or “Emma Watson sex tape”, videos we know for a fact are not real, provide non other than Celeb Jihad and PornHub at the very top providing false videos, content and information, thus duping users of the Google search engine into thinking that the content may be in fact real. This is fact, because users that utilize the Google search processes, are under the impression that the top results are according to Google the most relevant/trustworthy.

ShowbizSpy interviewed a PornHub (Manwin aka MindGeek) online marketing specialist who wants to remain anonymous, and here is what he is telling us: “You do not understand, the nude celebrity business is one of the biggest ad money generators to the company (PornHub). We love when people put up standard porn videos and title them as something celeb related or popular in the world, as that will almost immediately put us at the top of the search engines results for anything nude, naked or sex for that celeb, regardless of if they are fake or not. For example, the Kim Kardashian sex tape as we all know is the most downloaded porn video of all time, and this was one that management told us to stay 1st place for no matter what, even though we did not in fact offer the full video. We have made more money off of that teaser video via advertising revenue than any video we have ever had. Even the titles with like Megan Fox, Miley Cyrus and Emma Watson are all generating huge amounts of traffic, even though we know damn well they are all fake. It’s a numbers game and PornHub is the experts in the industry at fooling the Google search rankings. So what if the user is duped, we made our money when the page loaded.”

This information has also been brought to Google’s attention directly many times about the misleading information at the top of those type of searches, and yet they still do nothing about the poor/misleading search results. [Content Removed Due To Privacy] Sites like ShowbizSpy, The Mirror, TMZ, GossipCop, TheDailyBeast SheKnows, HuffingtonPost etc. etc. do everything we can to provide facts, when rumors of nude celebrity content is making rounds. For example even though we have a section dedicated to celebrity sex tapes and nude celebrity content just like all the other major news outlets, we have never used any nude image, fake image or verified authenticity of any exposed content unless we are 110% sure, and the same goes for other ‘quality’ celebrity Google News reporting sites.

Crazy enough though, after the news of Celeb Jihad being sued hit the web yet again, they are now dominating terms for Emma Watson sex tape and other nude/sex celeb searches, all providing fake images/videos with false information, along with of course big dog PornHub at the very top almost every time for every single celebrity. So, like they say in Hollywood… Any press is good press, especially when it comes to Google search results it would seem.

Our advice would be that if you are searching for information about any type of celebrity nude/sex scandal, you should click on the news tab when performing your search on Google, as those results will only be from Google News verified sites. We could not find one verified Google News site that was intentionally dishonest about providing information for the celebrity nude/sex niche, and if there was in fact adult content for a certain celeb, you are provide links cautioned nsfw to see/watch the licensed real adult content.

[UPDATE] – Emma Watson is said to be going on a few talk shows soon about her displeasure with how Google provides sites promoting fake content and mis-information in the celeb niche at the top of their search terms. This should get interesting for sure, and we will of course update this page after any interviews.

[UPDATE] – Rumor has it that attorneys for Emma are contacting other celebs that are being misrepresented by the sites we have been discussing. We are not sure but there may be a mass lawsuit in the works. Gawker was easy to take out worth only around $100M, CelebJihad would be like squishing a fly, but MindGeek’s flagship PornHub has a net worth in the $Billions, and makes more in a single day than 98% of the worlds population do in a year. Not an easy task ;)

[UPDATE] – Google has gotten back with us, and made the following comment in regards to their search results showing sites with fake content/information at the top of their searches, in regards to celebrities and sex/being naked: “The results displayed in Search are a reflection of the content on the Internet and are algorithmically generated, which is affected by the keywords mentioned and the relevance of the websites containing these results. We do not remove content from our search results, except in very limited cases, such as when put on notice of illegal content or highly personal and private information like revenge porn, or to fight malware or spam. And, as always, we’re continually working to improve our algorithms.” Now with that said by Google directly, we completely understand this is a very difficult area to police for them, and even more difficult to provide truthful trusted information at the very top. You have to remember Google is hit with thousands of sites trying to fool them 24/7 365. But we have to ask ourselves, wouldn’t a site like this CelebJihad that blatantly Photoshops celebrity heads on other nude bodies, gets lawsuits on basically a daily basis, all while claiming the photo is the celebrity fall under the “highly personal and private” area of that clause? Either way, we love Google and know they do the best they can to provide good results for searchers, and will continue to try and help them out in any way we can. Like we said before, if you are really interested in whether or not a nude celebrity scandal is legit, we would recommend clicking on the news tab after you perform your search. This will provide you with verified Google News sites like ourselves, that more than likely have the correct information you are looking for.

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