Oh jeez, Farrah Abraham who got her big break on the hit series “Teen Mom” has tried like hell to stay relevant in the media. Here is just a few things the “celeb” has tried her hand at:

Farrah Abraham Sex Tape: In 2013 Farrah claimed to have sold her rights of a very nasty sex tape that was title “Backdoor Teen Mom” by Vivid Entertainment. The only problem was that once again Showbiz Spy found out the video was made way in advance by Vivid production, this also included the anal sex and fisting scenes in the limo. There was no amateur sex tape made at home, it was all professionally done and set up to appear a naughty homemade tape had leaked, and Vivid came to save the day, much like they did with the Kim Kardashian tapes. LOL

Farrah Abraham Sex Toy Line: Yup, after the “leak of her sex tape Farrah had several calls to create a cast of her private parts so others could enjoy the “real thing”… They didnt have to ask twice as Farrah maned up and casted her goods for everyone to use. She also lunched a line of vibrators, dildos, anal lube etc. etc.

Farrah Abraham Goes Stripping: Farrah claiming that she got screwed on her money from Vivid and the adult toy companies deals, did what many in her situation do… she turned to stripping and/or making appearances at any club willing to lay down a 25k up front payment. It worked for a while, but at a point she was not being talked about in the media much anymore and people lost interest.

Fast forward to the now and Abraham has officially announced that she will be launching her new sexy webcam show, where anyone with a credit card can talk with her one on one with an appointment and do anything they wish. Farrah has also most recently underwent a procedure to her private parts, now calling her downstairs package a “designer vagina and I want the world to see just how beautiful it is now” The show will be broadcast on the adult entertainment website CamSoda on Wednesday’s and is being called Farrah’s “first-ever XXX cam show”.

Farrah said: “There’s no shame on CamSoda, I’m happy everyone is having fun from the comfort of their own homes and we can chat with fans in Dubai, UK, Russia, and more. I’m excited to pop my CamSoda cherry and broadcast myself to all my fans and I encourage all of them to tune in and check me out in all my glory. It’ll be a fun show. I have some surprises up my…well…you’ll just have to tune in and find out.”

If anything all this at least got her back in the news, as everyone in the media is talking about it and like they say in Hollywood “any press is good press”.

Will we take a look and see what all the hype is all about, sure why not, I mean, we are reporters. ;)