Former ‘Saved by the Bell’ Star, Dustin Diamond, Jailed

The 38 year old known best for his role as “Samuel ‘Screech’ Powers” on hit series “Saved by the Bell”, entered Ozaukee County Jail in Wisconsin on Friday to begin a 4 month sentence.

The incarceration is the result of carrying a concealed weapon and disorderly conduct charges after a bar room fight in Port Washington, Wisconsin, on Christmas Day in 2014. Diamond claims he pulled out a pocketknife to protect his girlfriend Amanda Schutz from a group of men and “accidentally stabbed one of the men during the altercation.” He was convicted of the charges in June 2015 & should’ve started his sentence last summer, but it was delayed by a judge after Diamond appealed the conviction. However, last month Diamond withdrew the appeal, thus checking in to start his sentence Friday.

Good Luck in there, buddy!



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