Gary Kubiak Is Trying To Close Deal With #1 Denver Broncos QB Option Robert Griffin III

Our spy within the Denver Broncos management camp seems to be pretty solid, as we reported before any media outlet on 3/9/16 that RG3 was in serious talks with the Denver Broncos. Well, just now Kubiak went on record: “We are in fact in talks with Robert to become the starter”.

However, our spy that tipped us off in the first place, is now telling us it is much more serious than they are leading on and pretty much a done deal.

He says: “Robert is very excited at the prospect of becoming a Denver Bronco and from what I have heard around here (Broncos Camp) he is the Broncos #1 option to acquire as our quarterback, though they wont say that publicly as we are of course trying to get a deal done with him.”

We have also talked with a spy very close to RG3 and she says: “Robert has talked about his desire to join the Broncos several times for a long time now and how that is really where he wants to go regardless of money.” We then asked about the recent Cleveland Browns talk to get RG3 and she says: “It would take an act of god for Robert to go with the Browns, trust me at some point everyone will find out he is going to be a Denver Bronco and will try to finish out his career there God willing.”

Everything we have been told by our spies in this issue has turned out to be correct thus far… God we love our spies!

Here is a clip of ESPN talking about the possibility today:

So what do you think? Will RG3 look good in orange and blue?

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