INSIDE INFO – Greg Norman Booted From Fox USGA Broadcasting

Greg Norman has officially cut ties with his Fox broadcasting job for the USGA and the details are sketchy on who decided what.

Originally what tipped off the media was this Tweet sent out by Links Magazine:

Then all the mainstream media started picking up the story but reporting as to the reason why the break up was amicable… Fox wanted to go a different direction, Greg was to busy etc etc.

The real story from our phone call with a technology exec in the Golfing arena that was at the events tells it like this: “Let’s be honest Greg was great to watch play on TV and grew ratings for many years, but as a commentator he was dull at best… He was not talking very much or at all when it mattered most and not remembering a lot of players by name.” He goes on to say: “Fox basically asked him to try and liven up a bit and get to know more than just the Aussie players… at which time Greg was like I just don’t have the time for this.” And that is what really happened behind the scenes.

So basically it was like any high profile firing… either quit or we are going to have to can you type of thing. Greg wont be hurting any about losing the gig as he is still mega rich and makes more in a month than most anyone does in a year, so don’t feel bad he will be all good. We love ya Greg, you still da man!

Here is video of Greg doing his thing with FOX Sports Golf.

Here is Greg doing what he did best!

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