Folks waking up this morning saw a variety of people trending on Twitter. Kat Williams, the crazy tour continues, RGIII tells Redskins fans goodbye, and then there was Kim K. Without even clicking on the link the first things to cross people’s minds were 1) She left Kanye? Or 2) She’s naked again. If you guessed #2, ding, ding, ding, you are CORRECT!

Here is the Tweet Kim sent to fans worldwide in a successful attempt to put herself in front of the media again after her name was on a down trend:

There has always been speculation that Kim Kardashian’s leaked full sextape was a staged “leak.” Many have said she used the tape to become famous. Though she has denied these claims she has continued to stay relevant flashing her goodies on the web. Today’s latest pic was captioned, “When you have nothing to wear.” Oh PULEEZ! No one is buying that. Her husband has his own fashion line, you’re a mega millionaire, and you have nothing to wear? Come on now, you just wanted an excuse to post a naked pic. You do you girl, but at least be honest. Following are some alternate captions she could’ve used:
• Kanye’s working on 16 bars; I’ve got 2 right here.
• Kanye hit the bars this weekend
• Is it Thirsty Thursday yet?
• Something for the kids to be embarrassed about when they grown
• #DaddyIssues

Twitter users with a little extra time on Monday morning did their best to edit the pic and post for RTs and Lolz. Following are the best ones:

The list of funny tweets on Kim Kardashian’s post goes on and on, check them out for yourself on Twitter and Instagram.

[UPDATE] – After all the bashing of Kim’s original nude picture, she took to Twitter again posting another nude photo with the tagline of “LIBERATED”. Do you guys think someone knows what to do to stay in the news after a bit of a downtrend of her name online? We sure do!

[UPDATE] – This seems to be the never ending social media story as more celebs have gotten in on the fun of mocking Kim and those that are supporting her as well like Sharon Osbourne’s nude picture she just posted to Facebook:

Kim Kardashian you inspired me! #liberated #thetalk

Posted by Sharon Osbourne on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

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