Kim Kardashian is not messing around anymore with her and her families security according to our Kardashian insiders, after the armed robbery in France spooked her into reality. There was also several tabloid media reports after the robbery, claiming she was worried about new sex tapes leaking after the thieves made off with her IPhones, however we debunked those false claims very quickly. The only thing Kim was/is worried about, is now protection.

Sources inside the Kardashian camp have told Showbiz Spy: “She is very serious about her and her entire families security after the robbery in France, as she was truly fearful of being gang raped and killed. Kim honestly thought she was going to die without a doubt.” They go on to let us know some steps that she has taken already in her search for iron clad protection: “Kim has been in talks with current and former CIA and secret service agents that will be implementing armed guards, armed plants (individuals that look like normal people but are in fact armed undercover security), spotters (individuals that have a high overall point of view) and updated security on her homes with a constant presence whether she is there or not, and all of her public appearances from this time on will be planned out much like you see with our current president and presidential candidates.”

This amount of force came as a bit of a surprise to us, as Kim has been very outspoken for major gun control as you can see from just some of her many tweets on the issue:

As you can see she has been very vocal about having a gun free America, though now that she has faced an armed robbery in France that without a doubt has one of the worlds toughest gun laws, she seems to be changing her stance on firearms… or at least for her and those around her. ;)

We are also told that Caitlyn Jenner talked with Kim for hours, on why voting for Hillary Clinton would be a huge mistake on the 2nd amendment, and the right to protect yourself. Explaining that: “Not everyone is fortunate enough to have such a massive protection force, and everyone in America should have the right to protect themselves at all times.” Though we have no idea if this talk in fact has changed her mind on who she is voting for behind the curtain, or her stance on gun control. All we know is that this robbery, really did scare the living crap out of her, and all those tabloid sites out there still claiming it was an inside job or that any nude content is going to leak from the stolen IPhones, are just plain dumb and full of sh*t.